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Is salt a scent?

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BigTex and I discussed if salt is a scent or not. I say that it is not a scent. BigTex says that it is a scent.

I e-mailed Jim about this, cause I know that he will have great information, but what do you all think about this? Is salt a scent?

Also, do the scents that are on the market have ANY salt additives added to them?
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well im not a bass so i dont know if they can smell it or not.. maybe they can, maybe not... but hey, it works - and then your fishing for thousands and thousands of dollars.. or more importantly pride with your freinds, ill LOAD that thing with salt

IM not the one eating it, why do i care??
i hear my livewell is a good cure for things like that, so ill help them out ;)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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