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Hello All!!!
I just read the welcome from Jared and John and wanted to introduce myself.
I always go by my real name on these sites so everyone knows who I am. I currently live in Patten,Maine(Black Bear capital of Maine and not known for its bass fishing). I am a self employed home builder that specializes in custom log homes. Been known to be on varies television shows showing my work or just building. The last show was The Extreme Make-Over Show where we built a log home for a person in 96 hours. My crew performed the task of actually laying the logs for the structure, we completed it in 6 hours. This is a task in itself but we was flawless(thank god) and completed it 5 hours ahead of schedule and the show went on without any hitches.
My other hobbies beside work are bass fishing,guiding bear hunters and fur trapping.
My experience with bass fishing has been a life long addiction with smallies and in the past 15 years I have been actively chasing largemouths. Some people who know me in the bass fishing theatre say I don't have any weaknesses when it comes to bassing but we all know this is a lie. I mainly fish a few methods and thats it. So with this being said--I do have weaknesses as I am set on my ways and usually don't try a different technique. This year has been used as a regrouping year as I am opening my eyes to new techniques and also preparing to become a full time bass angler and guide for 2007. I will keep the log home business going but have hired crew members that can make decisions and this opens up a new avenue to my bass fishing which I am going into head first in the near future.
Thanks once again to everyone on this forum and to jared for the nice invite.
John Porter

Buddy, it's great to have you on here. I hope that 2007 brings you a great year to start out your bass fishing tournament scene and guiding service. :)
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