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I use Progressive for all my Insurance,auto, home and boat,Full Replacment
Value on the boat and $3000.00 on equipment electronics and such,$500.00
Ded,includes Towing,$210.00 a year on a 2006 model boat.It makes a lot
of difference on HP of motor,Driving Record and age as to what kind of
rate you get,Havent had a claim yet so dont no how they are about paying
a claim,thats when i will probably get hit up the yeng yang with an increase,
hope i dont have to find out. Capt.Kirk :tbh_flag:

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If you tournament fish you had better check your coverage. I had American Family for years and then discovered my insurance was void if I was in a tournament. AnPac has full tournament coverage that is around 500 a year for my Skeeter ZX225 and is less than "charter" type insurance.
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