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I am curious, who does everyone use for boat insurance? I checked out progressive and they seemed a bit expensive to me.
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American Family. They all are rip off artists. $220.00 per year for $100,000.00/$500.00 deductible. Be sure and insure your contents.
220 per yer is great in my opinion.. atleast from what i have been finding. progressive was talking 600 a year!
Right now I am with Allstate. Since my boat is so old, the only thing I carry is liability and currently have $50,000 in coverage. However, I am raising my liability to $100,000. My current rate is $18.00 every six mos. I know you will be wanting full coverage. I would suggest getting prices through your auto company. Sometimes you get a break if you have multiple policies through a single company. All my homeowners, auto and boat are through Allstate. Also, look closely at your homeowners policy. Mine covers any theft from my boat while it is parked in my yard and any theft of the boat while parked in my yard. Several years ago, I had the unfortunate experience of having fishing gear stolen out of my boat, and homeowners wrote me a check, minus the deductable. Good luck--insurance is one of those necessary evils that you don't want to get caught without!!
Thats retarded! don't do it I guarantee you'll find a better deal.
I know Progressive ads say they are low, but the company got its start insuring high risk drivers no one else would. They still do and the bottom line is that their low risk premiums tend to be higher to help build reserves to cover their high risk business. Shop around, I'll promise you that you can do much better. Drew is 100% right on the premium you stated--NOO WAY
i'm pretty sure mine is with anglers advantage (i would have to ask the wife to be sure)when i first got my boat we call several copanies also and when it was said and done the anglers advantage was the regular insurance guy said he couldn't find me coverage for that price.i'll ask the wife tonight.she does the bills and has a memory.
Try Geico. Sometimes they got good deals
I have Nationwide.Full coverage with $300,000 liability (need to have it that high to fish federation tourney's) with $100 deductible, and it cost me $435 a year.

I have State Farm ( Have them for my Autos also ) Not exactly sure what my coverage is though, as my wife got the insurance. But I believe it cost me about $12 a month.
mine is 440 a year through OHIO Casulty. Doubt that is much help for you
I got mine thru USAA which uses Drive from progressive and i got a pretty good deal the fact of me being still active duty when i got the boat i think helped. Dave
I have a 2004 Ranger with 225 Optimax insured with my auto insurance co. at $ 450/year for 300,000 dollar liability.If you are a tourn. fisherman be careful because it may void your coverage. Many co.'s will not cover tournaments and some of the locations you may fish such as the Great Lakes. I am considering switching to BOATU.S. who provides excellent coverage for tournament fishermen and high performance boats.They quoted me $536/year for an excellent policy. And yes your are right about Progressive they are extremely high for both boat and auto ins. They quoted me $1,396 for my boat. Just be careful when buying insurance and read the fine print. You will only get what you pay for. If your are under-insured and someone is injured you could find yourself selling everything you own to pay the lawsuit.
Anglers Advantage is awesome. They are cheap, and they pay claims great. I have 500,000 liability and insure $40,000, and it costs about $500 a year.
you might want to check wolverine boat insurance mine runs about 350 to 400 a year and this is full replacement for the first 5 years no depreciation cost..
I use Progressive, have used them for my last 2 boats, before that I used BOAT US for many yrs, but there premiums every yr kept going up, and they make you join their boating club.. ( more money ).
I have progressive I had my agent check around and that was the best insurance rate he could find and he looked at all the companies...
State Farm

$300,000 Liability
$15,000 Medical
$6000 Equipment
$6000 Trailer
$5000 Electronics
$100,000 Environmental
$35,000 Boat&Motor

$500 deductible

$465.00 Year
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