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Jared Pease said:
Hello Shipwrecker :)

Typically when jig fishing, a medium heavy to heavy action rod is needed to help pull the fish from heavy cover. If you are jig fishing in light cover or open water, you can get away with a medium action rod. A heavy abrasion resistant line is also need for pulling fish out of heavy cover. Many anglers use the superlines, such as Power Pro and other braids. A good copolymer, such as AN40, can work just as well though.

From my experiences the key to getting the fish from out of the heavy cover is to turn him around fast and then apply constant pressure until you can pry him free and pull him from the tangle. I wont claim that I land every fish that tangles me up in the cover but I do land a good percentage. Sometimes you cant help but losing one it seems.

I liken fishing a jig to fishing a texas rigged worm, however I tend to shake my jig in one spot before moving it more than I do a worm. It seems today that many anglers reach for plastics when adding a trailer to jigs. I say for each his own and I stick with my pork even in the dead of summer. People use all sorts of colored jigs but in my opinion, if it's not black and blue with a black pig, I wont throw it. ;) I also prefer living rubber skirts on my jigs as opposed to silicone. Call me stubborn I guess. hehe

I'm not sure what else you would like to know but I am sure the other bassholes will be more than happy to add to this and give their opinions as well. We have a wealth of knowledgeable anglers on this board thats for sure. :D

Tattered Thumbs n Bigguns, Jared
what he said , except for me, i like all black jigs and trailers and i favor silicone skirts for ease of storage. another tip when starting out: fish a worm , when you find bass on the worm and figure out fall, cover etc. switch to the jig. you will usually get the bigger fish on it. Also I look for the nastiest thickest stuff you can throw into, or just ask myself "where can i lose my jig?" and thats where it's going . I'll smack it into any cover on purpose , i want everything in the area to know it's there, and throw it well past the target working it slowly up to where i think they are ( think like playing with a cat using a string ). Work the jig slower than a worm and pause /shake and hop it more slowly, or as a friend told me "boomp" it (describing the feel of the hop) . try and remember what your jig feels like on your line , it will always feel the same. If it ever changes put slightly more pressure on it, your either hitting against cover or you just got bit. A jig was made to be worked slowly through the nastiest stuff where you can't put another lure accept a texas rigged worm. rattles are a different thing too , i've seen them spook fish and attract them the next day . I usually start without , then add them if the fish need a little extra help find ing the jig. good luck and tight lines!
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