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IMPORTANT: Alternate Domain for The Bassholes

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I know we have all seen censored on one site or another in the past. Well it doesnt matter anymore. The Bassholes can now be reached via two different urls.

The original:

and now:

using either link will bring you to The :)

Good bye censorship! :cheers:
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How is the main URL censored?
on SOME sites.. it is censored because it doesnt figure the B into the word Bassholes... and ya know what ya get when ya leave the B off.
Ahhhh . . . I see. Then how do the alternate URLs work when the main one doesn't?
because one is bassholes and teh other is bass-holes. The hyphen splits the word up so their censor systems do not see it as the bad word they are censoring.
Most (99.9%) censor systems on websites out there are admin set. Admins will set the censors to catch certain vulgar words. Bassholes minus the B is one. Bass-holes with or without the B is not.
OK sorry . . . for some reason I thought both URLs in the OP were alternates. Only the one with the hyphen is. I see it now . . . DUH.

I had that same problem with my user name in a few places before. :lmao:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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