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I was ask to join this forum by my Bass fishin bud Bigdaddy!
I'm Chopstyx , and i love tooothy critters*******
Fish the u.p , northern wisconsin, central illinois and central canada.
And sometimes bass when the big one takes me out on his white boat!!
Just started to repair a couple of older outboards that i picked up cheap, just 5hp
nothing bigger. I know you bass guys lov your 150's and bigger. Just want to get
my nephew's on the water a little faster than an trolling motor.
Later i hope if i have problems with these datgum it motors someone out ther might drop me alittle info to help me along.

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Welcome to The Bassholes, Chopstyx! You'll be glad arent the only basshole who loves the toothy critters :thumbup01:
I completely appreciate your tip about never sticking a thumb into a musky's mouth LOL!
Glad to have you here. Please make yourself at home :clap:

Glad to have you here Chopstyx.

I can't say that I love the toothy critters we have down in Florida. You see I feel like I have been mugged everytime they steal a lure from me with their sharp teeth. haha. I am referring to Pickerels. Although I see that Musky bite different by turning sideways as they bite I suspect that this means they don't cut your line. That and they are 10x bigger then Pickerels would make them more fun.

Anyway, pitch in anytime. Take care.
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