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Im At Work, Make Me Jealous!

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So who is fishing today I wonder. I dont know about the rest of the country but its about 80 here today with some cloud cover. PERFECT day for some fishing BUT Im stuck here at work only left to daydream about getting a tattered tumb!  :cry01:

So now Im relying on yall to come back from  your mornings/days fishing trip and fill me in on all the juicy tail slapping gill thrashing details of your fishing trips!  :bowdown:

Please dont let me down! :)

:fishing01: :fishing02:
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Wished I could make you jealous. BUT I havent been fishing since my last tournament.

( boat in shop, stitches in foot , and had family down = No fishing for me lol )
Wish I could make you jealous also.. On a two week stretch of work! Maybe sometime after Thanksgiving...
I have no problem in making you jealous.  LOL  I went first thing this morning and fished for about 1 hour.  I didn't do to bad but I have had better days.  I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

I was using two different types of spinnerbaits--Strike King Blk/Blu with a single colorado blade and a Mepps in line spinner bait in Char. color

BTW-- this is the first time that I have gotten to go in quite some time and man I sure did miss fishing.

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YEP!!! You made me jealous!! Looks like a sunny day and it's like crap here. ;D Nice fish! Thanks, you made my day...
I too have no problem making you jealous so here goes!!!LOL!!! Landon and I went fixhing Saturday morning. Friday's high was in the 80s. Fri. night a cold front came in and Sat. morning it was 55. We left about 8 a.m. and fished til one. We caught 17 Bass with two 4 lbers being the largest. It was crazy, we found two laydowns in the bend of the river that was holding the mother lode. On our first pass of the morning we caught 4 in 6 casts. I suggested we move on let it warm up and come back later. That was the ticket. On our second pass we caught 6 more in about 10 casts. Landon and I had two doubles. It was so awesome. We were fixhing crankbaits and they were mauling them. I lost my belly hook on mine and Landon lost the tail hook on his. Not too often that you lose your hooks on cranks like that but it sure was fun!!!!
P.S. You guys mark my word. My son, Landon, is going to be a fish catching machine when he gets a little older. He uses 7' castaways with Curado reels. He can skip a lure under a boat dock, he pitch and flip, and I am just amazed at how good he is with a t-rig. I have my first tourney Sat. 18th. I'll let you know how it goes.
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bigtex said:
I have no problem in making you jealous.  LOL 
LOL Tex!!

Nice looking fish! Im glad to see you were able to get back out to do some fishing again! :)
Wow Joe! Youre son is gonna be phenomenal if he keeps going the way he is! Watch out Ike and KVD Here comes Lunker Landing Landon! ;)
LakeCityYankee said:
Lunker Landing Landon! ;)
That is one heck of a name!!! I love it!!! LOL
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