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I modified my chatterbait last night. I took the o'ring and blade off of my Gambler knock off and put it on one of my 1/8 oz Strik King jig. I added a Strik King craw trailer and bam... the bass couldn't stay off of it. It works better than my original chatterbait and the original that I have is 1/2 oz. I just wanted to see what would happen if I down sized. For the record I didn't miss a fish. I think I ended up with 15 to 20. I was suprised due to the bad electrical storm we had and the 3 in. rain that followed. It just goes to show you that this bait deserves a spot in your tackle box.

Here are some pictures of the bait and the fish I caught.


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You can get all the Shakee components here without tearing down a Chatterbait. Jigs with the line eye arranged flat (not vertical), work best without having to use two split rings to keep the blade oriented correctly. Try putting a Shakee blade on a jerkbait! Can't wait for pre-spawn to try them out.

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