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Bill, the same thing happened to me on Lake Ouachita. I had a guy from California who really wanted to catch any kind of fish. I searched the lake like never before, spotted some schools suspended, about the same conditions, 58 south side, 61 north side. I must have tied on 50 lures for the guy, took him to many of my milk run spots. Nada. At least he enjoyed the lake tour on a full tank of fuel.

When we went in the local Game & Fish officer was on thge ramp. "Go back out! I know what it takes." California was sunburned and had to make his grandma's birthday. The wind started up 15-25 after a morning of dense fog. I had to use GPS to get around! Had no idea where we were without it. Not one splash anywhere in the morning quiet!

I loaded up. The man with the ideas came over. "It's SPOONS/ One guy just came in with 20 bass ;D (6 limit). Lake turnover is started. Shad are dying off. MAN, bass are feasting on the things. A spoon dropped down in that mess....that's what the guy used. Heh heh, his $1,500 spoon >:D Expired registration to boot, another $250. Good day! The next guy came in with spoons tied on with 18 bass, some 5-6#. I've made my week on those two. SPOONS! Already. Wow. You quitting already?"

Yep. Too rough, no gas, and a disappointed Californian.

The bass were onto a huge mess of shad floating, beaching, and sinking. The next morning the friends I alerted mopped up. I bet 500# of bass got caught. The water was slick with oil from the dying shad. All in one little mainlake pocket.

Darn it! You just never know what might happen next! I came within a mile of that, saw the boats, decided not to intrude. Figured they were after stripers where stripers are usually caught. And stripers they caught! 45#er, 39#er, and no telling what that day and the next, and lots of bass, LMBs, spots, whites, catfish. And I had to go to work....

I figure shad die-off #2 is going on tonight. They'll be feasting in the morning. And I will work. :mad:

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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