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I just don't get it...

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maybe some of you can help.

My neighbor and I went to Clarks Hill again on Friday and had a normal NO luck, let alone a consistent bite.

Lake was calm, clear to about 8 feet and in the upper 50s to low 60s. Lake down about 8+ feet.

We tried shallow, very shallow, mid-range and deep and had no success. We tried crankbaits, worms, spinnerbaits, we tried it all.

The fisherman we talked to had little success as well but at least they caught one or two.

What is it with this lake? I feel like I know it no better than when I first moved here.

I know one thing for sure, this is not East Texas nor Fayette County where I guided. What accounts for "grass" is about 4 inches long and worthless to fish.

Any suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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I can only recall one bait that will be perfect for those is a stick bait with a wick!!! LOL :boingburn:
Bill, the same thing happened to me on Lake Ouachita. I had a guy from California who really wanted to catch any kind of fish. I searched the lake like never before, spotted some schools suspended, about the same conditions, 58 south side, 61 north side. I must have tied on 50 lures for the guy, took him to many of my milk run spots. Nada. At least he enjoyed the lake tour on a full tank of fuel.

When we went in the local Game & Fish officer was on thge ramp. "Go back out! I know what it takes." California was sunburned and had to make his grandma's birthday. The wind started up 15-25 after a morning of dense fog. I had to use GPS to get around! Had no idea where we were without it. Not one splash anywhere in the morning quiet!

I loaded up. The man with the ideas came over. "It's SPOONS/ One guy just came in with 20 bass ;D (6 limit). Lake turnover is started. Shad are dying off. MAN, bass are feasting on the things. A spoon dropped down in that mess....that's what the guy used. Heh heh, his $1,500 spoon >:D Expired registration to boot, another $250. Good day! The next guy came in with spoons tied on with 18 bass, some 5-6#. I've made my week on those two. SPOONS! Already. Wow. You quitting already?"

Yep. Too rough, no gas, and a disappointed Californian.

The bass were onto a huge mess of shad floating, beaching, and sinking. The next morning the friends I alerted mopped up. I bet 500# of bass got caught. The water was slick with oil from the dying shad. All in one little mainlake pocket.

Darn it! You just never know what might happen next! I came within a mile of that, saw the boats, decided not to intrude. Figured they were after stripers where stripers are usually caught. And stripers they caught! 45#er, 39#er, and no telling what that day and the next, and lots of bass, LMBs, spots, whites, catfish. And I had to go to work....

I figure shad die-off #2 is going on tonight. They'll be feasting in the morning. And I will work. :mad:

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Ain't that always the way? A guy really knows the water can't find squat, and some lucky SOB whacks 'em on some off-the-wall junk.
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