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I Have A New Friend Here! Please Welcome!

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Welcome to the Bassholes Alta(aka coyotek)! I'm glad you could make it. You will feel right at home with this crowd. Lots of good folks on here. You will recognize a few.
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Welcome aboard! :D I just joined this group myself and boy are they nice and helpful here! :fishing02:

Alright Coyotek :D Hey guys, this girl does some seriuos embroidery work. She has done all of my tourney shirts and is now working on my GotstaFish Apperal. Thanks for becoming a BassHole Coyotek :cheers:
Welcome to The Bassholes Coyotek! Glad to have ya. Kick back, relax and make yourself at home. :D
If you need anything just let us know :cheers:

Welcome aboard
Welcome aboard!!

:victory: :cheers:​
:( OK now Coyotek, I for one know your not shy ;) Git yer azz over here :3some:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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