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I got to go fishing...again.

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I have never caught a bass in a creek until this weekend. Man they sure put up a fight but none were over 15 inches... all just little guys... Oh, well.
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It's better to catch babies than to not get bit. A few years ago I was fishin this pond, getting skunked for three or four hours. Then I ran across some dinks schooling in a pocket... caught 9 or10 back to back. It made my day,even though the big fish that day was about 11".
I was happy just to catch the ones I did. I started off in a pond and lost one(my only bite) that could have been the biggest fish I had ever caught. I wasn't prepared what so ever. I was fishing a jig and I'm not good with the hookset yet. I had him on for a short time. I couldn't even keep my rod up. He went down and to the right and dang, he was gone. I was sick. I almost called it a day right then and there.
That sucks. :( Losing a bigun can really hurt. I lost a huge fish on the same pond I talkked about earlier, different day. Hit a rattletrap, jumped, and threw the 'trap at my head on the way down. No crap, I had to duck. :eek: Next cast produced a nice keeper, but that fish really messed me up that day. The best thing you can say is, at least I convinced that fish to bite. It still don't weigh anything in a tourny, and it don't look good on the wall, but it's better than nothing.
Well Mary, at least ya got to go! Not a bad lookin' fish there. Get that sucker in that pond ! I've been wishin I could get out on Dardanelle for the past two weeks and haven't made it out. Now we got that cold front and all the Christmas company commin' in so there isn't much of a chance. Do you think that after the Hogs beat the Badgers the weather will cooperate and that some good fishin' can be found? My thoughts are--we win, great fishing !! ;D
"no crap I had to duck", hehehe. That's funny. I tried to set my hook on everything that morning. I had to duck a couple of times...
OTTER, all I have to say is go HOGS go! Oh, and go hawgs go. I'm ready to go fishing now!
Yep, me too. This nice weather has spoiled me. BUT!!! There is more to come. I'm bettin' on an early spring and 6-8 pounders all over the lake. Keener Cove will be a killer. I do believe that Dardanelle will be a monster this year. Caught too many 5-6 pounders last spring and summer and I think the lake is recovering well from the bass virus a few yrs ago. I am getting ready, set, GO ! :)
Nice bass Mary. I went Sunday with my son to a little pond for half hour and we didn't get bit and he lost interest.
I got two new Lucky Craft Stacy King jerk baits from my boss at my part time job and I get to try them out today. I'm gonna sneak mommas camera out and try to take some pictures. ;D
WTG Mary
They all count Mary, big or small ;D ;D
I got em and I got em now all I have to do is fess up and get momma to down load them for me.
Thanks guys!

Otter, I love Keener Cove. ;D
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