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Huge clearance at Wallmart

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I dont know about anyone else but I usually wont go into wallmart, but I heard that they were having a big clearance on their fishing stuff so I decided to check it out. I found what they werer clearanceing and cleared it out. I got out of there with about $100.00 worth of stuff for $20.00. I got jigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits. They had worms and lizards as well but I left those. So you might want to check it out.
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They are doing it here in SC too. I went in last week and got this:

The 50lb model was on clearance for 17.99. I couldn't resist lol
Have only been to Walmart a handful of times. I refuse to go there as the ones up here are garbage.
Looks like you two made out great thou.
To be honest I dont see myself going there as much any longer. One of the main reasons I shopped walmart was because of their return policy. Their policy WAS excellent! If you bought it at walmart they would take it back with almost no exception. Ive bought stuf and returned it almost a year later. The other day I went to return a DVD player I bought from them in September. I was told to contact the manufacturer because walmarts new policy is no returns after 90 days no matter what the reason. How lame is that!?

So needless to say, I will check them from time to time for clearances on fishing gear but other than that... they can go fry ice ;D
The return policy has changed? Oh no, I have been taking diapers back for two years now. I could just tell them they already had poop in them, and they say, we're sorry just go back there and get another pack. What am I going to do? Looks like cloth diapers from here on out. Sorry Zac. Daddy needs some new fishing gear.
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