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How about a lure review section????

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Jared, since you have some good hearted folks who are members suchs as Gotstafish who is giving away lures why not have a section where we can post up our reviews of these lures?

I just received the Vibrashock that Karl sent me. I wish I had it before Sunday haha as I would have tried it in my tournament. It looks nice and I will try this bait out this coming weekend I am sure.

Thanks for sending it to me Karl.
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Thats a good idea Keith. :)

I wil make a board on the forums for members to do post lure reviews.

If it works out well I will design a special area off the front page for lure reviews, later.

You are gonna love it Keith!
Great idea Keith, Catch a hawg for me. We are supose to get 8 inches of snow tonight :banghead:
by the way yall, the board is up, in place and ready to be used, just in case ya didnt see it :D

It's in the Bassin' Technology section of the forum.
Jared... spell check is an option, right?
wise guy aye?? ;) LOL
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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