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Hot Water

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Keep out of hot water during the summer period. Surface water temps above 90 degrees usually means the bass are in cooler deeper water that is below 85 degrees.
The reason is water over 85 degrees can't hold enough DO (3mg/L) for the bass to breath easily. Bass can go a few minutes without DO, then must leave or return to cooler water.
You can use a temperature probe clipped on a rod tip to measure temps down to 5 or 6 feet or use your sonar unit to locate the thermocline.
Where do you go when you are in hot water? look for springs, creeks, streams, rivers that enter the area with cooler water.
Also look for shade areas, weed mats, trees, bridges any current areas that have cooler water.
Bass can go from cooler deeper water and strike a lure over head easily. Bass also go shallower at night to roam and hunt the breaks and edges, good areas night or day.
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That is some great info and thanks for putting it on the site.
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