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Honeymoon fishing trip pics

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It has taken me way to long to post these pics. My wife and I went to Boone NC and hired Elk Creek Out fitters to guide us on a small mouth trip and a trout trip. Thats right boys 2 days of fishing on my honeymoon dont be jealous. LOL


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I caught a bunch of trout as well but for some reason I cant find them. It also rained all that day so didnt get many pics of the trout. It still was alot of fun.
Kiss my A**. I really don't like you now!! LOL :rofl1: :rofl2:

I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon.
yeah we had a great time. At lunch they would pull over to the side of the river and cook fresh crabcakes. They had a bottle of champagne and a bunch of side dishes. It really was fun. We plan on doing it for our anniversaries as well.
Did you use any polar bair hair jigs??? :p
No I couldnt find any to skin while we were there. :rofl1: :rofl1:
This was in Oct. anyways and I didnt start making them till after then because they worked so well. Our guide makes 90% of the lures that you will use when you fish with him. Thats how I got so into it.
Wow that sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to do that sometime. Ive already checked out where Boone is from me and its only a 200 mile ride.
Do they let ya keep the trout if ya want? I'd release all the bass, but if I could, Id keep the trout to eat. yum! lol

Great pix! Im glad you had a good time. Thank you for sharing with us. :cheers:
I am not sure if they let you keep them or not.
fishing..... honeymoon.....?

microtek i think it is imperative that you know this

i am in love with your wife
Yeah shes fun in the warm weather, she gets to layout, fish, and chill at the lake, but come winter its a whole different story.
Nice pictures and story :) ( better treasure your wife in the summer time anyways lol )

Jared, So, you getting married or gonna rent a wife for the honeymoon trip ?? lol rofl
Microtech, it looks like she out-fished you??? Nice pics.
Jared, So, you getting married or gonna rent a wife for the honeymoon trip ?? lol rofl
I'd rent one, it may be cheaper? :D >:D
Yeah, I'd defiantly rent one, you can take them back when its over. When I first got married my wife fished with me all the time. I bet she hasn't been in seven years. She rags my butt constantly when I go now. Oh well I guess I'll miss her. LOL
Nice pics and what a way to spend a couple of days of your honeymoon!! 8) Imonem, when I first got back into fishing my wife was thrilled! "You need a good hobby", she said. Now every time I buy something for my hobby, it's a whole nother ballgame :wack: :wack: My how things do change :argue:
Congrats on the perfect honeymoon! That just makes me want to get married!

But I do want to go fishing! :D
Congrats, Microtek. What more could any man ask for? ;)
My favorite country song, "I'm gonna miss her" not! :)
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