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Homepage poll question discussion, week of 07/02/2006.

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The question that was posted this week on the homepage has to deal with what technique that you prefer to do. There were 5 choices:

a) Bouncing my worm along the bottom
b) Tossin my jig deep into the junk
c) Popping and Buzzin my bait along the surface
d) Chunking and cranking my bait through the mid-depths bouncing off cover
e) Dancing your jerkbait erratically around grass and/or timber

My personal choice was "tossin my jig deep into the junk". The reason that I chose this was because I feel that day in and day out, season after season, the jig will produce fish when all other lures fail. Depending on what color the crawfish are during each part of the year, nearly all lakes have a population of crawfish, which a jig mimics perfectly.

Another great thing that I like about jigs is that they are effective at all depths, from just below the surface, where white and grey jigs can be swam through grass and timber, to mimic a shad, to the mid depths, where it can be yo-yoed to mimic a dying baitfish, or a craw trying to make it's way back to the bottom, all the way to the bottom, where the jig will stand up as a crawfish in a defensive posture.

What was your choice for the poll question of the week, and give us your reasons for choosing what you did. I hope to see a great discussion out of this, each week or every 2 weeks, depending on when the poll question will be changed.

At the end of each poll question, there will be the total scores for each choice posted within the discussion of each question.

And for those that might have missed the questions that were going on prior to their joining, feel free to bring the old topics back up. :cheers:
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