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Holly Chain ( Nov 18th )

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Soon as the ' Report ' is done I will post it in the correct forum. ( hope to have a picture or two as well )

Our club fished the Holly Chain out of Umatilla, Fl today. It was a chilly morning ( for us anyways ) at about 42*( F ) at blast off.

My partner Lonnie and I get to his spot and he proceeds to land 2 bass withen 20 minutes on a Devils Horse. I answer back with 1 on a Devils Horse and 1 on an Alluring Brush Bug.

By now the wind is whipping up big time and Lonnie's trolling motor desides it wants to quit working. So we duck in this small canal ( maybe 100 yrds long by 10 yards wide ) Lonnie lands 2 more while I get rapped up in some lilly pads and mine gets off. :( .. After a while in there we are talking trying to deside what to do next since his trolling motor is dead ) He calls the Tournament Director to see if I can go with someone else and he would just weigh in early and go. So Al met us at the ramp and weighed Lonnie's fish then I get in Al's boat and finished the day with him.

Now, this turn of events worked in my favor. I'd say maybe 10 minutes with Al I land a 4+ pounder which turns out to be the big bass of the tournament. ;)

I end up in 3rd place over-all with a weight of something like 6.31 and with Big Bass also. 2nd place had 6.32 ( look at my weight again and now 2nd place :eek: ) 1st place was 6.5 something or 6.7 something ( I think ) So it was a pretty close one ! Lonnie ( my first partner ) ends up in 5th place .
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Congrats! Your day turned out pretty good! I hope to see a pic.
Man sounds like you had fun. Wish I could get out more . ;D
Excellent job Rodney! :clap: :clap:
Thanks yall :)
Awesome man!!! That was really good of your boater to try and get you another ride. Real Class!!!
Thanks yall :)
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