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hey everyone 1st time to this site can't wait to start posting and learning about fishing!
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Hey there, Sir Catch Alot. Welcome to the Bassholes. Feel free to ask any questions, and we will answer those questions ASAP. A lot of great information can already be found on here, and we look forward to seeing your posts and hearing what you have to say.

How long have ya been fishing, where ya from, and how did you hear about the Bassholes?

Again, welcome and enjoy the forums and website.

~ John :)
A big welcome all the way from Texas. Glad to see a new member and if there is anything that we can do for you please don't wait to ask. I look foward to hear some of your fishing stories and input on other anglers questions.
i've just really got into fishing the last few years and want to make a career out of it...i'm from pittsburgh, pa...and i believe i heard of this site on
Shoot for the stars, bud. I have been fishing for 17 years, with 12 years of it being dedicated to bass fishing, and the one thing that you learn is that there is always something else to learn. Like you, I am wanting to make a career out of it, and I hope that I can reach that point and succeed.

Thanks for the information, and again, do not hesitate to ask questions. :)
Welcome aboard
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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