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Hey Otter...

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Gary, we are going to fish Lake Atkins! If you don't mind... :rofl1:
You know we will have time in the evenings now that the time is changing. And don't tell me you are scared... We can go slow thru the stumps. What about it? I love that lake. It is stocked with Florida bass, just to let you all know! :D
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Mary, Lake Atkins is one of my favorites!! I learned to fish on that lake. When I was growing up in Russellville, there was no Lake Dardanelle.(just dated myself 8)) The big event growing up was driving out to see how much progress was being made on the dam. But Atkins was the go to lake when dad and I went fishin'. We'd load up the ole 5 hp SeeBee motor, rent a boat at the lake and fish from dawn to dusk! I caught my first bass on that lake on a wooden Lucky 13 and I still fish them from time to time. AND, i ain't worried about no stumps :rofl2: :rofl1: I think I've hit em all. I fished it last year a lot when Dardanelle was getting thrashed with all the tournaments and had tons of fun. So I'm in. 8) 8)
:rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :thumbup01:
I am tickled shiatless!! :clap:
I can't wait! How about Sunday? Or anyday that ends in "y"...
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