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Here's a Lake Tarpon report... good luck!

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As a lifetime resident of Lake Tarpon I have seen a lot of changes to th elake since the mid 70's. It's always been a real finicky lake and with temperatures rising, we all know the jet skiers and water skiers will be out in force making for an even tougher bite.

Unless you absolutely have to fish during the day, the lake sports a very good evening, and night bite that makes a world of difference from the lake in the day time. A night trip to the lake will also better than average chances for a double digit fish. Leave the spinning gear at home if you venture out at night because the menu should consist of 7.5" to 12" worms in black/blue, Tequila Sunrise, or flat black. Another great night time lure is a heavy buzz bait with a black painted blade and matching skirt. I have caught a lot of 5+ lb'ers on this bait and have one 10.8lb'er on the bait in the sparse cattails located on the eastern side of the lake.

During this time of the year you can try the many main lake points for flipping reeds, tules, and working eel grass. If you have nothing against live bait fishing you'll find fish anywhere there may be eel grass. In the north end of the lake you will find eel grass in as deep as 7' of water, all the way up to the 2' shallows. For the most part the spawn is but a memory, but the fish are hanging around shallow to bust tilapia and bluegill, who are making their way onto beds.

Lake Tarpon is also a noteworthy crappie (speckled perch) fishery with a lot of fish in the 1-2lb range. Drifting open water with white Hal-Flies, Beetle Spins, or live minnows are the ticket.

Average depth of the lake is about 11' deep with a couple holes around 14-16' range. Also, the lake has a few good main lake points that are good places to work with Texas rigged worms and shallow running crankbaits.

Good luck!
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I use to fish Tarpon a lot, but because of the Jet ski's and tubers, I just quit going and when I did spent most of my time down south (long canal, good water, and all idle no wake zone.

The post with your Canadian friends highlighted sparked my interest again as I knew exactly where you were fishing. ( but it will be our secret :cheers:)

Where are you putting in for the night fishing? Is that little ramp behind the old convenience store on Tarpon Springs Road still in operation?
The ramp at Anderson Park off 19 is now open at night. Sign says open til 10pm, but I've been out till after midnight without a problem. They put in a sepperate gate for the main park and left the ramp open. Let me know if you plan on going and I'll plan on meeting you out there with my boat.

That would be great, I am fishing out of Palatka this weekend with ABA and the following weekend will be pulling up to North Carolina for a Rangers Owners/FLW tournament to pre-fish for the event the next weekend.

I will take you up on it when I get back. Thanks for the offer -
imonembad said:
TCB, why don't you tell us this stuff? We will all be rooting for you! You know if you don't do well NO one would say anything. :tongue2: :neener:

Drew thanks for your support, I think ... :rofl1: :rofl1:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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