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HELP again!!

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OK guys and gals, alot of people helped me on my tilt and trim, now, since i lost a water pump this past weekend I need some more of your knowledge!!

I replaced the impeller on my motor that is on the puddle jumper, 60hp mariner, of course when i put the foot back on, neutral is now forward. So, my question is, do I have to remove the foot completely again, or can I just bring it down and reach in and move the rod to change it? And how do I know I've got it correct??

Any help would be great, yall have been alot of help before, and I'm sure someone out there knows the answer

Thanks again,,

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when you took the lower end of was the boat in neutral,and if it was it could have gotten bump out of place.So you need to check the linkage.DO not know if this helped but will keep asking everyne I know.
It sounds like a linkage problem. Did you mess with the linkage? Some boat motors have to be in neutral and some have to be in forward. I'm not sure about mariner I think they are the same as mercury. which is forward gear.
Yes, when I took the foot off, it was in neutral, i guess during the change out of the impeller i hit something and moved the linkage. Hopefully i can lower the foot alittle and the linkage will come loose at the top where it fits into the shaft coming down from the top. That would be so much easier, just have no idea of, if I can or does the hole foot have to come off and which way do i turn the little sucker when I get to it.

Again, thanks for the help guys, guess I should have carried it to the shop, but they are 3 wks out in the service dept.

Any ideas, PLEASE let me know and thanks again, gonna try and hit it again!

Yes you can just back the nuts all the way to the last couple of threads. Make sure it is in neutral first. Then if you look at the front of the boot you will be able to get your fingers in there to shift it. I have a merc and when I dropped the lower unit on mine I forgot to engage the linkage when I put it back up, that is how I did it.

Unfortunately the only way to know if it is correct is to try it. All is not lost though. Pick up a set of engine water "earmuffs" they attach to the end of your garden hose and fit snugly over your water intake holes. Turn on the hose and then you can start the motor at the house. Just drop it into gear, but don't let the RPMs get too high

Hope this helps.

Thanks guys, got it going and fished sat. and sun. now that's another story for the books! Cold front kicked my butt.

Thanks again,

Cya on the Water
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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