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We are a NON PRO circuit we want to give people a chance to fish a trail like the "big boys" and not have to pay an arm and a leg to do it. It is a team event, 6 Tournament Series. Affordable entry with no late fee's at the ramp. No more than two participants per boat. Membership is $30 per member.
ENTRY: $60 per team plus $5 for big bass (No checks)

PAY OUT: 90% pay out for entry. 100% payout for big bass

TIME: Will be safelight until 3:00 pm. (as determined by the Tournament Director) If more than 60 boats, flight time will be given.

Tournaments: March 07 - Lake Broken Bow (Carson Creek)
April 04 - Lake Sardis (Sardis Cove)
May 09 – Lake Dequeen (Rolling Fork)
June 06 - Lake Wister (State Park)
July 11 - Lake Hinkle (State Park)
August 09 – Lake Dardanelle (Shoal Bay)

For More Info Contact Rory Layne @ (479) 806-5689 or e-mail at [email protected]
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