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Am I the only one who has noticed the incredible amount of fishing shows lately devoted entirely to lipless crankbait fishing?

I have seen 3 just in the past week alone. The latest was Angling Edge for you Yankees among us :)

They started their show off saying if you had to pick one bait to catch Bass, Walleye, Pike, Northern, Smallmouths and stripers what would it be? They suggested some would pick jigs, some would pick spinnerbaits but they said Hands down we would pick rattling baits (Lipless) I was like heck ya...They where showing the Rapala version of course and what color where they using? RED haha.

I also watched Shaw Grigsby do a show on lake Panasofkee with someone and they where using the Strike King Red Eye lipless or whatever they call it? I fell out of my seat almost when I heard Shaw echo my sentiments exactly about why or when to use mono and when to use braid. In shallow grassy lakes use braid and rip the bait out of the grass easier. Downfall is more lost fish. Mono is better in open water.

I also saw KVD do a show on the Strike King bait also I think Bass Pro's? He said the same thing basically.

I really see a strong surge of lipless crankbaiting going on in the industry right now. Lots of premier bait companies are producing some exceptional quality lipless cranks right now and folks these baits are catching allot of fish.

Some of you when you use the S.A.B. red bait will see for yourself just how effective these baits can be.

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Tom, :rofl1: That was funny.

No problem Dave. That is what forums like this are for. If I shared info that I originally came up with well, it would be a quick conversation :)
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