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Have yall seen this bait before??

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I just bought some Lake Fork "LIVE" MAGIC SHAD. I have never seen this bait before and was wondering if anybody here has.

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I have seen the original Japanese version this was modeled after. Looks pretty awesome in the water. How much is this bait?
what is holding the sections together looks pretty weak in the picture. I too have seen the jap version of this, but to anwser your question I have never seen that one before. Where did you get it from?
Wal-mart has that brand I was checking them out the other day.
I've got a few of the Japanese versions as well. That particular bait is fairly durable, until you get bit, then the tail usually falls off after a few more flings and retrieves. Not one of my goto baits, just fooled around with it as I knew it was something the bass down here had not seen. Decent action in the water, I rigged mine with a 5.0 Gamy. Lost a few fish until I side hooked the bait verses texposed.
I believe there was an article in Bassmaster last year on the Japanese bait introduction in one of the tournaments.
Yep, I got it at wal-mart. Never seen it before so I decided to get a couple to try out.
I bought 3 last week at W/M. If they fish like they look I'll be thrilled! 8)
dunno how they fish, but know they caught yall,,,,uhhh, US lol, got 2 of um
I havent seen that one, I know storm has one called the kickin minnow, they are hard to find now, I know academy sports, gander mountain(outlet store), and some target stores, ive bought a few bass knock em' hard but after few fish they tear at the segments. let me know how those hold up i might like to get a few.
I'm going to Fork this month and will try them out there.
I have tried fairly similar baits and have no luck at all. Couldnt buy a bite.
I was told by someone that a guy used it at some lake and caught an 8lber. Of course that is just hear say. I do hope it is true though. LOL
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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