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Harris Chain Sat. 3/3/07

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Our club went to get rained on all day Saturday at the Harris Chain, launching from Buzzard Beach in Lake Eustis. My boater and I never left Eustis, we went across to the canals I fished two weeks ago in practice for the BFL. I had two bites all day flippin and pitching a speed craw in junebug and blackberry. The first bite was in the pads and it came off when the hook snagged into a pad stem and the second bite we believe was a gar which cut the braid like a knife. My boater Jimmy caught two fish for the day, one of which was a 9.03 pounder on a blue/black senko weightless, which he hooked about 15 yards friom where I had that 3.1 in the picture of my other post. Ironically I was running the boat for him and I was flippin into the spot where that 3 pounder was laying before, Jimmy cast out ahead of me to some kissimmee grass and bang, the funny thing was there was another boat which had hammered that bank 3 or 4 times and I ran us in behind them going the other direction and it wasn't three minutes he caught that fish behind them. His other fish was about 3 pounds he caught on a main lake weedline on a trick worm, some funky green color. Jimmy won lunker and first place, we just missed the boat pot because I choked for the day. It rained its butt off for the last hour. I will post pictures in the next couple days of his 9.03 and another 7 1/2 that was brought in on a senko as well.
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Jimmy sure had a nice one. That other guy in your club had a nice one as well.

Wished it would of been raining at my house when I left to go up there. I would of dressed warmer lol
That must have been fun just to see that big of a fish caught in the same boat. Too bad he cast over you and caught it instead of you.

Better luck next time.
Well Jimmy won the club tournament last January "06" when I put him on fish at the Butler Chain. He really didn't cast over me because the wind had the boat sideways, besides I got to net it and he split lunker money with me. He's a good ole boy, like 70 yrs young, it was good to see him all wound up!
Sounds like you finally caught a decent ride. Glad you made some change. Don't be to hard on your self it takes a team to win.
Way to go, the important thing is the knowledge you gained. Time on the water will pay dividends.
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