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Harris Chain ( Feb - March 07)

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I went up to Buzzard Beach on Saturday to meet up with Shannon. ( his club had a tournament out of there... I will let him fill yall in on that )

I was talking to a few different people up there ( a tournament director that holds a weekly open tournament there ) He told me last weeks winning weight was 31+ pounds.

I also talked to a guy who fished that tournament that had 29+ pounds. Said he hated not having exemption cards because they had to release some 8 pounders.

It was raining and windy and I was in shorts and a t-shirt, so I didnt hang around for the open weigh in. I left after Shannon's club weighed in, so I dont know the weights for the open tournament.

I believe the guy told me, the 1st Saturday of the month and every Sunday was when they held the Open Tournament.
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Wow, 31lb sack of 5 fish? Hard to believe haha. That is more then a 7lb average. That is fantastic. They must have been bed fishing for sure. Seems weights like that only show up around bedding season.

Is the releasing of 8lbs comment meant because they can only keep 1 fish over a certain size? I ask this because I hope that they released ALL of the fish they caught.

Those weights blow away any of the weights I have seen coming out of Garcia. Heck I wonder when the last time I heard of a sack that big? Can't remember. What was Ish Monroe's one day total at Amistad last year? It was in the 30's I think? Pretty impressive. I might have to check out The Harris Chain ;)

Did they give any details as to what worked lures wise? Locations? Or was it all bed fishing?

As far as I know they was all bedding fish. And yes ALL fish were released after the tournament.

Without exemption cards you HAVE to follow the slot limit rules.

Black bass (largemouth, Suwannee, redeye, spotted, and shoal bass, individually or in total), only one of which may be 22 inches or longer in total length.
Ok that is what I thought but wanted to make sure. It is that way at Garcia but wasn't sure if all of Florida was. I don't keep bass so I don't care what the regs are :)

However, how does one catch 31 lbs with only 1 being over 22 inches long? Those are some fat 21.5 inch long fish then. Unless the one over was a monster. I wonder if that guy obtained the waiver.

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