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After a fun day trout fishing, it was time for some slop fishing for bass and the occasional pike at Half Moon Cove. When I woke up at 6:30, the sun was out – a rare appearance! – and the wind was nowhere to be found. I tied on a topwater popper (which landed me nine nice largemouth the year before) and headed up the street.

I started off right at the inlet and saw a lot of big fish rising. I wasn’t sure if they were carp or bass but they were out there to be caught. I had two fish drag the popper under the surface but didn’t run with it. I was shocked. The water here was high and the rainfall had turned the swamp foliage into a soaking mess so I returned to the car to grab my new FrogTogg hip waders. I stomped around in the muck and was able to access areas I had never fished before. Instead of traversing to the right, I opted to go left – an area with no shoreline access – thank God for the boots!

After the popper failed, I tied on a purple Senko knockoff. I had never caught a bass at Half Moon Cove on a Senko lure but I snapped that streak in a few minutes. I landed a one and a half pounder and then a small 10-inch fish. I moved a few yards down the bank and made a cast into a real weedy area. It felt like a sunfish pecked the bait but it started to take off. I set the hook and landed a nice two-pounder. After snapping a few pics, I recast to the same spot. Same small tick and – boom! – the water exploded as I lugged a sweet four pounder to the shore.

Minutes after releasing the fish, the wind started to howl and I packed up to look for a shoreline spot to fish at Mallets Bay. No dice. I then turned around and looked for access to the pond near the Ethan Allen Homestead. Couldn’t find that either. By the time I found some open water, it was time to get ready for the afternoon barbecue.

If anyone has any shorefishing access tips for Lake Champlain in the Burlington, Vermont area, PLEASE drop me a line!

Jay Fat City


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