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hair jigs

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If anyone is interested I hand tie hair jigs. I use bucktail, deer flank, and bear hair. I use round head jigs in 1\8, and 1\4 with #1, 1\0, 2\0 lazer sharp eagle claw hooks. The colors I have for the heads are black, brown, pumpkin, and white. I have these colors in hair:

Polar bear Hair: natural white... VERY LIMITED SUPPLY $8.00 PER JIG

Bear hair only black

Dear hair: black, white, chartruesse, olive, brown, grey, red, orange

If anyone is interested you can pm me, email me at [email protected] or call me at 919-235-7616

Daniel Williams
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If anyone is interested I got in alot more colors for the jigheads and I also can make them with mustad hooks in 1/0-3/0 and still in the eagle claw hooks as well in 1/0-3/0 just email me and I can send you some pictures
Hey Micro, if you want to add a picture of one here, go for it. May help you sell some of them.
I really want to do that but dont know how. I have pics of them in my email that I have been forwarding to people but I cant save them on my computer.
email them to me at

[email protected]

I will post 1 or 2 of them for you.
I've been lookin fer some good hair jigs. Shoot me a pm or e-mail, microtek. Bait monkey's gettin HONGRY!! ;)
Here is a sample of the hair jigs


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Thanks for putting the pic up for me, I really appreciate it.
No problem :)
Well after alot of searching I have found it and will hopefully have it by Thursday. I will be making Polar Bear Hair jigs while I have a supply of it. This hair was outlawed in 1972 in the Marine mammel act. This hair that I have is legal. I only will have two 2 inch squares of it and due to the VERY high cost of it I will be selling it for $8.00 per jig. If you search for these jigs on Google you will find that the cheapest is $10.00 per jig. If you want to get your name on the list send me a PM I will only be taking the first 8 names. Thanks Daniel Williams
guys and gals I got in my new weedless football mold today so if you want a hair jig on a weedless football head let me know. I also got in my shakey head mold and can make them on that as well. It was like Christmas at work today when the Fedex man came.
I got a dozen of them and wow they are great qualtiy. I personnally dont buy JUST Anything from anyone but I looked at these and they are high quality and very well made. Keep up the good work.
Thanks man I appreciate it.
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