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Gut hooked

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I found these instructions at Bass Resource .........

Plus I have a ' dvd ' of Gary Yamamoto ( Fishing the delta ) that pretty much goes along with this. Gary on purpose gut hooks a couple of bass to show how to get the hook out. I think Gary Yamamoto is a smart man and knows what he is talking about, so I will take his word on this. I have gut hooked a few fish and tried this method and it does work.

I know alot of people still like to cut the line and leave the hook in . And perhaps this way ( instructions below ) is better because the way alot of hooks are now a days ( dont rust as fast..unless your useing Eagle Claw lol ) . BUT Im not here to argue or say that way is no good ( leaving the hook in ). i am just posting a different way to do things.

From Bass Resource

1) With the hook in the gullet, note which side of the fish's mouth the hook shank is toward.

(2) With a finger or two, reach in through the last gill arch on that side of the fish and push and pull down on the hookeye so the hook turns and . . .

(3) rolls out below the gill toward the side of the fish. At that point, amazingly, the hook, barb and all, almost always pops free from its hold in the fish's gullet.

(4) Reach into the fish's mouth and grip the bend in the hook (which is now up) and . . .

(5) lift it free. If the fish's mouth is too small to reach in with your hand, use a needle-nose pliers to grip the hook bend.

What needs to be emphasized is how resilient a fish's gills actually are -- far from being the fragile organs often suggest by some sources. And the occasional bleeding fish? Does it have to be kept? Just get the fish back into the water as soon as possible and, more often than not, the bleeding stops
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Yes it does work very well.Ive used this technique for a while now.If he is bleeding really bad cause he was a major fighter though ,throw him in your cooler and eat him because more than likely hes to damaged and will die anyways.I'm a catch and release person and that's pretty much the only way I`ll keep one.
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