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Guiding the master

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I have set up a fishing trip of a life time. No its not Rick or Jimmy or Hank its my 72 year old uncle who taught me how to fish and to appreiciate the outdoors. I haven't fished with him in nearly 22 years and I couldn't tell you why. I can remember as a kid asking him if he had time to take me fishing and I never once recall him saying no. He had a terrible accident with a skill saw and lost all of his fingers on his right hand. I guess that is what slowed down our trips, that and I went to the Marine Corps and got all busy with my life. I have set up a date on monday and I can hardly sleep with anticipation of putting him on a fat sack and giving back what he always had time to give to me. Drew
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That is awesome!!! My grandfather was the one who got me hooked. He passed away 6 yrs ago which was really hard considering 80% of my adolescence was spent with him and G-ma. We went fishing one month before he died. He had brain cancer, and lost most of his vision and depth perception but he was able to still fish. I will never forget that day as long as I live. Enjoy your trip with your uncle because memories are great, but that's all they are. Have a great day.
That is great. I can't wait to see pictures and hear about your day...
Im sure both of yall will ENJOY this trip
Well the big day has come and gone fishing was so so but man what a great day. Its the first time i've been fishing where I really didn't care that the fish weren't biting that great. We just had a great time talking and anylizing what was going on with the fish. I helped him with his fish and tied on baits all the stuff he did for me as a kid. The old fart is still as sharp as a tack and quick to lecture on the proper way to fish a lay down. When the day was done we just stood around the boat neither of us wanting to go home. We swore we would go again soon and I intend to keep my end of the deal. I wanted so bad to just put the smack down on the fish today but it really didn't matter it was the best trip I've had all season.
Your story makes my heart big.
I going back after them on sunday with my uncle again. I'm new to the photo thing and am working on taking better pictures. Thing is once I start fishing I really don't want to stop to take pictures but I'll work through it. The fish haven't been acting like I want them to this fall it has been a weird one to say the least. It got cold real fast and now it has kinda of stalled off and gotten more normall. The fish are in a different patteren than I am used to,I gotta work harder at figuring them out.
Thats Awesome !! :clap: :goldcup:
we whacked them today way over a hundred fish caught and released between 4 of us I forgot the camera,I wonder if that was the problem, maybe I have a new superstition.
Im tellin ya man.. have camera... fishing bad... no camera.. fishing AWESOME lol

Glad to hear yall killed em! Way to go! :)
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