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Guided Fishin' Trip!

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So as some of you may remember, i did a guided fishing trip as an item for the auction for our jazz show last year, and i offered that again this year. By the end of the night, the highest bid: $165!! The money goes into a trip account to go to disney world,lol. i had other people offer the same price to go directly to me, to take them out fishing too! It was quite a night.

And another great opportunity for me: I got a call from a teacher at our district's middle school to go speak at their "high interest day" about fishin' and i'm the youngest person ever to do it there  ;D So i'm excited for that too! Already off to a great start this year. Hopefully the monster fish cooperate with me too!
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Good memory! lol. yea, it was with a girl from my brothers school. She really liked fishing and was excited to fish, and guess what....she had so much fun last time, she won again this time! lol. So i'll be taking her and a friend out again fishin'. Here are two of the zillions of fish we caught lol

The second fish, i had to motor up because she was "hooked on a lily pad" so when i motored up and jumped down and pulled up a bass along with the pad, she was shocked! lol. I'll post pics and a report from the trip this year too for sure!
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Thanks guys, i appreciate that a lot!  :)
I'm looking forward to all this a lot!
hey john, yea the pic was kinda dark, thanks for lightenin' it up for me :) :) (if there wasn't such a bad shadow over her face from the hat, it would have turned out better originally) 
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