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Grandpa AGAIN

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Grand-daughter #2 was born Monday, weighing in at 7-8, 21" long. Quite a catch! Our pc has been busy emailing photos, so I might not get on much this week. Daughter has Clarise here because little Kathryn has a nasal infection at home, staying with Daddy over there. This pc gets pecked on full time now, 24/7. Getting a router and pc #2.

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Congrats Jim :clap:
Thanks! Well, I got corrected. I (Pappy) named her Clarise, but Daddy settled on Claire. They've dreaded telling me until now.

Congrates Arkie, woulda been a heck of a bass too.
Congratulations Jim!! I know you are very excited!! :victory:
Congratulations Jim!! :cheers:
Jim, you can get busy and post a picture of Claire. Congrats pappy!
I'm late but congrats Jim. My grandfather was my idol. He was the greatest influence on my life.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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