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"Gotsta fish" vibrashock swimblade

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Well I will be the first one to post something about a lure. I received my first swimblade in the mail today and as soon as I opened the envolope I was impressed. What caught my eye was the bag it was in nice and neat in a package with the company name on a display card with their moto and a little info about the company and their website which if it was up to me I would rather see on the front, either way it looks great! Now to the actual lure itself. It is very well made with a heavy duty splitring and a nicely painted football head jig and a very sharp and strong hook. Not sure what kind though. The skirt is put together very nicley and all the strands pulled apart. Alot of passion was put into these baits because there is no inperfections. I havent even used the bait yet. So far I would give this bait a 9 out of 10 because I havent caught a fish on it yet. By the way the website really is nice. I hope this helps if you were thinking about buying some of these lures. So far I would reccomend them to anyone.
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Thanks for the review microtek60. I am currently making new molds for my jig heads and they will be even better with an improved skirt collar and trailer barb ;D I am also in the process of converting all of my skirts to my own custom colors. I wasn't going to show anyone but prostaff this but I'm so excited about these new skirts I'm going to give all of you BassHoles a sneak peak at what I'm talking about. Mary has already seen it and now you can to. I call this one "Extreme BlueGill" Enjoy :D Its on one of my soon to be available Poison Tail Jigs. This one ids a 3/8 oz with a 5/0 EWG Mustad Ultra Point. Weed Guards will also be available ;D

Bottom View

Side View

Standing up as it would on the bottom ready to strike!!!

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mary dean said:
You big mouth!!! You told me not to tell! :p

Look at the heads on those jigs!!!
I couldn't help it, I'm as giddy as a school girl on prom night :rofl1:
ho_shi said:
what!!!!!!!!!!! Mary getting info before me??? thats wrong!!! k tho i see how i rate lol i did get the decal first. BAD ASS KARL i like the color. I put one together tonite from the kit i got from you and damn took me 5 min to get skirt and rubber on. Yes was first one but man I hope you can do it a lot faster!!!.
About 2 seconds :rofl1:
imonembad said:
I would love to see them in the water. Man, thats a killer color!
The owner of the local pro shop and I played with it in his big minnow tank today :rofl1: Its a 4 tab skirt meaning it has 88 individual strands and 176 strands as it hangs. Falls like a dream ;D
mary dean said:
:director: I NEED A DECAL!!!
ho_shi , you thought I was special! I have nothing and I mean NOTHING that says Karl loves me on my windows!!! :cry01:
Don't you worry Mary, you have the best package of all I sent so far coming real soon. Just as soon as my new skirt tool gets here. It was still on backorder today :banghead: And my decals should be in soon as well. I thought they would be here 2 weeks ago!!!! |!!|
mary dean said:
Ok, thanks Karl but don't tell ho_shi.
I'm so excited!
I Won't Tell Ho-Shi A Thing LOL!!!
Why do that Mary, ProStaff get them for free ;D
ho_shi said:

hmmmmmm more secrets from the gotstafish company lol

karl how bout them crappie jigs?????

am in buying mood!!! you see what all I got today!!

o and didnt mention the plano 4303?? box for my spinnerbaits too. Gotta learn how to properly use them someday.

Blades first tho right y settle for anything second rate
Crappie Jigs are in :D ProStaff, as in Pro fisherperson who know s how to effectively catch and weigh fat sacks of bass ;D
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