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Got room for a hillbilly member?

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Hey y'all! New boat in the water here. What can I say? I'm a 38 y/o basser from the hillbilly state who'll throw stinkbait at the 'ol lady over a $20 purse, but can't leave Bass Pro with less than a $100 worth of 'necessary' equipment. I still run my old '88 17' Tracker (85hp merc) up and down the lake, and have had to replace my aerator to the livewell too many times. Here in the mountains, the weather is mighty unpredictable, but if the fish don't mind it too bad, I reckon I don't either. We got us 5 Corp of Engineer lakes within the hour here (with one just a mile from the house), and I believe I know where each stump and rise is in each. When my old Peterbilt is parked at the house, odds are my Chevy is at the launch. I mostly hunt 'buckets', but have been known to bring in 30 or so crappie for supper (a good mess of crappie means inviting neighbor folks for a plate). My main gear is baitcasters with a good braid, but I got a mess of spinners for finese time. Recently plum fell in love with Bass' Rick Clunn baitcast rod/reel combo... pure 'ol sweet! My lure preference is topwaters. Just ain't nothin like a big hungry hawg storming down on a Spook. I reckon jigs with a crawdad hanging on, and a carolina with a green pumpkin lizard tie for second, and when it gets tough, I'll drop shot the trees. Sure hope to spend some time here and pick up a few tricks, and maybe leave some.
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LOL that was one of the most enjoyable introductions i ever read ******* Basser! You're going to fit in perfectly here! :D Welcome to The Bassholes. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Kick back, relax and make yourself at home. If you need anything, just let us know :cheers:

Which hillbilly state are you from?lol
Welcome to The Bassholes!
Yes sir you have a knack for writing as your introduction was well worth the read. Welcome. I see you are from West Virginia. Makes me want to listen to "Almost Heaven" by John Denver :rofl2:
Great Intro. and welcome aboard!!

:victory: :cheers:​
Welcome aboard
I ain't thinkin weuns got no more room fer hillbillys hear. We's already slap full of em. ;) Welcome on, come on in every chance ya get.
******* (WestbyGodVirginny) = Welcome, look forward to your post
I ain't thinkin weuns got no more room fer hillbillys hear. We's already slap full of em.
:rofl2: Welcome *******, you will definitely blend in.
welcome aboard ???
Welcome to the party!! :cheers: Dave
Hillbilly's and ********, my kinda place!! Welcome and Enjoy!

welcome and hope you have alot fun here
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