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Got Out on the Ice

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Also got skunked on the ice. Sure was great to be out again. Except for that little pulled bicep muscle while drilling! Time for a power auger.

The Lake

The Setup

Hopefully tomorrow I can post again with some results!
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That ice is supposed to be God's way of telling you to leave the fish alone for a little while. :p ;D Of course, I wouldn't go 2-3 months without fishing, either. Better luck next time, Rich. I really am gonna come up there one day and try to catch a musky.
I do hope you catch a bunch because anyone who would do THAT, in THAT weather, is the bravest person I know. To all ice fishermen :cheers: :cheers:!! I say that as snow is falling in the Arkansas River Valley and it is cold and nasty outside. :violin: The only good thing about it is, if they call off school, I'm off too. That way, I can stay home and sort some tackle, and generally be totally worthless!! :D :D Have a good time and great luck!!!!!!!

All I have to say is YUK, I hate cold weather. We have ice and snow here right now. Have I said YUK yet? lol
Otter can back me up on this one...
It was 31 degrees at the ramp last Saturday and I thought that was cold. I guess that would be a heat wave for many of you. Otterwhere is the portable fishhut with the heater and the satellite TV to watch ESPN. No need for a cooler, but I always thought you drilled a separate hole for your beverage of choice. I have only done this once but it was a hoot, I know you, despite the elements, are having a great time. Be sure to post some photos for us and good luck
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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