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Got in a Little Pond Fishing Today.

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Not all of you may know but in my front yard I have a 5 acre pond that I fish quite often. It makes a great little practice hole and there are some surprisingly big bass in it.

Well today I decided to do a bit of fishing in it. This was the first time this year I was able to launch my boat in it. The weather was amazing! It was so warm I ended up removing my shirt and catchin some rays. The wind was up a little but nothing that bad, it just meant I was on the trolling motor a bit more than Id prefer that's all. Water temps were around 68 degrees and some of the pads had broken the surface but there were still quite alot that hadn't emerged yet.

I didn't stay out long, about an hour or so, and all in all I caught and landed 5 keepers. The first few fish I hooked into were on a soft jerkbait and were all too small. I still get amused when a 5 inch fish nails and gets landed on a 6 inch bait lol Eventually I switched up to a Rapala SR5 in black and silver. Once I started working this around the pond I started to land better fish. Surprisingly I didn't see any fish bedding.

The biggest of the fish was this 17 incher.​

It was no record setting day but it sure was a lot of fun. Even the mini bass were fun to catch.  :)

Tattered Thumbs n Bigguns, Jared
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Anyday on the water where you catch fish is a good day. I don't care if they are small and insignificant or giants. 8)

That's a good looking bass that you have there.
Good job Jared.. Are your waters down ? We are in a drout around here and water levels have realy went down.
the ponds about a foot lower than normal Id say.
That's awesome Jared! I'm still jealous of that pond! lol
Great fish Jared, its nice to see you got some! I went out Sunday, and with that north wind, it was hell. I managed to get no fish when I went short fishing in the inner workings of the buffalo harbor and rivers. I saw some Big bass, maybe 6 pounders by the pillars, but I didnt get any. :'(
It sounds that you had a great day on the water. It sounds like you have a really nice "pond"/ "lake". LOL I sure wish I could have been there. What other fish do you have in there??
bigtex said:
It sounds that you had a great day on the water.  It sounds like you have a really nice "pond"/ "lake". LOL  I sure wish I could have been there.  What other fish do you have in there??
There are quite a few small bream in there as well as some crappie. I hooked into a very nice crappie yesterday actually. I got it along side the boat and instead of getting it in, I sat there and watched it swimming back and forth and splash. When it came unbuttoned I was like "DUH!" lol I was probably a pound a half. I should have kept him. He is the size of crappie that I need to worry about competing with the bass for food. Plus hed have made some good eating lol

Another fish that may still be in there is a 15lb +/- blue channel catfish I released in there last year. Im not sure if it made it but I have a pretty good feeling that its still alive in there. If all goes well I am hoping its alive and chowing down on the small bream and crappie.
Haha you loon just pull them fish in the boat then let them swim around

I was actually too surprised to think of landing it lol I didnt realize I had crappie of that size in the pond. lol Next time I hook one that size in my pond tho, he's lunch lol
It will be in there for next time.............thats if I don't get to her first.  LOL ;D  I'm getting bream gear ready.  They are already on their beds so its time to yank them out of their clothes and give them a HOT bath. LOL
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