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Goodbye fella's, i'm off to Ireland for 6 days tomorrow, 8th November, going to fish the River Bann in Northern Ireland

I'm staying with a good friend of mine, he lives at a place called Ballyclare, County Antrim
Should be fun :cheers: :fishing01:
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Keep us posted and take plenty of pictures. I hope you have a good time.

Enjoy yourself!!!!
Have a great time Andy! Be safe and best of luck to you! :)
Thanks guys,
I'm all ready now, just get to the airport check in and then up and away.

The security in our airports are still on a high alert status, even have to take shoe's off for the x-ray machine, but hey, i know i'm safe in the plane.

Looks like i'll be out with Ron tonight, having a few
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Have fun Andy and lay off the sauce !! lol rofl ( well, on nights before fishing anyways)
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