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First post. Just wanted to share this with folks who might enjoy reading it.
My wife and me finally escaped the big city and bought a piece of land in east Texas. It's an old house on 9 acres. It is approximately 25 steps from the garage to the dock on our small 3/4 acre pond. Didn't know whether it had been stocked or not. Well, there are at least a few 5lb+ bass in the pond and some nice blue gill. Bu this is not my reason for posting.
When I started dating my wife I fished a lot with a good buddy who had a boat. He knew Joe Pool lake well. We caught a lot of fish. Good times. She asked me one time after a long day on the lake why I liked to fish so much. I told her it was like playing chess with Mother Nature and most of the time I lose. But when I win it is a very rewarding feeling. She is a very competitive person by nature and this sparked her interest.
To make a long post even longer, she loves to fish as much as I do these days. I remember having to bait hooks, take hook out etc. She does all that by herself now. Yes, she catches more quality fish than I do. Patience. It doesn't bother me one bit.
Good times.
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