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Good Morning Bassholes :)

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Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday! Only 2 more days after this one and we can be fishing! Yeee hawww!! lol

I'm headed to jump in my truck and get to work. Hope yall have a great day! :clap:
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Well Jared, I hope you have a gr8 weekend of fishing!! It's going to be one of those rough ones down here, spring time cold front coming through.

Has been hi 70's and low 80's all week with low's of 45 to 50, a front is coming
through today and tomorrow, sending the mercury down and the barometer

Highs this weekend are supposedly going to by in the 60's, and that's cold down here, anybody got some spring time cold front remedies for me??

Cya on the Water

You guys have a good day now ya hear! Dave
Good morning all. Only two more days till I have to work all weekend. ;) Overtime = vacation money.
Good, errr, afternoon 8) Yep, it's Wednesday and my boat is supposed to be out of the shop tomorrow :dance01: I had them mount a fish finder on the bow(have on on the consol) and a few little things to tweak it out a bit and now I actually believe I may get to go fishin' :fishing02: I even did two weekends worth of "honey do's" last weekend while the boat was in the shop so I don't think I'll be in danger of being beaned with a #8 cast iron skillet when I mention I'm headed to the lake!!(love the little woman, don't ya know) Now if the weather will just cooperate! I hope every one had a great Wednesday and has plans to hit the lake and catch some great ole big'ins or some big ole good'ins :mix: 8)
Good mornig all! It's Thursday. Trash day for me.
Hurry Randy! Otter won't take me fishing :rofl2:
Right now Mary, we can go fishin' from the bank!! 8) I stopped by to check on th progress on my boat---NONE :cussin: He said he would have it ready Friday. I'm placing bets in Vegas on that one!!! :rofl2: :rofl1:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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