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Good Friday morning!

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It's not the last work day of the week for me but it is still FRIDAY. I hope you all have a wonderful day doing what you want to do. For all that are coming off night shift, good morning and sweet dreams! It's 29 degrees here, with a bluebird sky for our day.
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We had an early Thanksgiving today, as this is the first time in 4 years all us kids have been together. ( I fryed 2 turkeys )

I told my sisters I would be their chouffer < sp > tonight if they wanted me to , as they all are going to my oldest sister's 30 year class reunion tonight.( this way they can drink all they want etc.. and not worry about getting home ) Told them I would drop them off then they can call me to come get them.
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm happy you are getting to spend time with your family. That is important. Your a sweetheart for taking care of them tonight.
Oh man Rodney! Deep fried turkey!! That stuff is AMAZING!!! I never had it till I moved south and at first I laughed my tail off thinking "dang southerners will fry ANYTHING" Then I tasted it! OMG now i look forward to all the holidays just so I can eat deep fried turkey! LOL

So wait, lemme get this straight... you now have deep fried turkey AND king crab legs and smoked salmon???? lol
Ummm, past tense on the other things Jared  :dance01:  ( I HAD  ;D )

Thanks Mary :)
Fish4FunInFl said:
Ummm, past tense on the other things Jared  :dance01:  ( I HAD  ;D )
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol
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