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I will delete all my fishing this weekend off of Jim's thread in a minute. I got rained out friday, and finally made it to the lake about noon. The fish were tearing up shad in the back of a cove. I caught 3 keepers and two dinks on an xrap, along with hooking 2 or 3 shad on the lure. I missed a couple of bites on it as well, before breaking off in a fish's mouth. Well, I went back to the house and grabbed a ghost minnow pointer 78 and a soft plastic. My first cast with the pointer resulted in another shad. Cast #2 produced the fish yall saw, typical for the day. I posted it in "My first pic". Third cast, broke that lure off in a fish's mouth. I have GOT to stop setting the hook so hard that close to me! I lost 20+$ and 2 limit fish that way friday. :cussin: :mad: :dunno: So after I broke them off, I fished that plastic for a while. It moved too slow for the fish, but I still missed 2 on it. One was a short strike, and the other was just as much my fault as the two I broke off- I had the hook buried too deep, so the fish never got hooked. BTW, it is the best imitation I've ever seen of a mortally wounded baitfish.
Now for the ugly. I went today, got skunked. We've had a cold front blow in. I tried shallow, deep, power, finesse, and managed a total of 4 bites. One came on my new lure, two hit a doodle rig, and one hit a staysee so hard I thought I'd lose my rod. I never hooked the first one. :sad2: :-\ What a pathetic day on the water. I'm getting tired of writing "I got skunked" this year. Maybe I'll get on 'em next weekend. I haven't had this bad a start in 3-4 years. At least I got a decent day Friday.
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Better luck next time HSB. Sounds like you know what you did wrong on the breaking off of the lures. If you are using mono or floro then check your line after every fish or after any time you run through brush or cover.

Does your lake have any Pickerel in it? If so, those suckers will steal allot of baits. If you do have them here is what I do to prevent this from happening: I use braid with super glue all over it about 2 inches up from the knot all the way to the knot. This will form a semi hard barrier that the Pickerel won't be able to cut.

Anyway, keep after it things will get better.
Getting skunked aint fun, but thats why its called fishing and NOT catching lol.
Bro, you are gonna have to either quit breaking off or quit telling about it I can't take it.
There is always tomorrow. :thumbup01:
imonembad said:
Bro, you are gonna have to either quit breaking off or quit telling about it I can't take it.
I tell what happened. If I quit F*&^% up, I'll quit telling you I F(*&^ up. :dunno: The hookset thing is getting expensive, though. I'll probably start losing 'em because I didn't set the hook hard enough. By the way, that's the 3rd "ghost minnow" pointer 78 I've owned. 2 of them were lost on the hookset. There aren't any pickerel in these lakes, Keith. Also, I'll be going to my old stomping grounds this weekend, The fish ought to be on bed or very close, I'll be camping at the lakes at Charlie Elliott PFA. I guarantee I won't be writing "I got skunked" whenever I get home. If I don't get on 'em this weekend, I'm taking my rods to a pawn shop. :D :cool2: :fishing02:
that sucks man but weve all or at least me have done the same thing, im gonna post a fishing trip from last week and i lost a big big bass but it was my own fault. It made me sick to even type it thats what took me so long but i'll suck it up and post it. Dave
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