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Gonna Need a PHd

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I brought my boat to the dealer today and they put new batteries in, put my pro pole together and on, fixed the pull, and replaced my tach (the low oil light stayed on always and come to find out it was just that gauge was bad) and had my GPS installed.

They installed the LMS-520c on a RAM mount, rather than putting it in my dash. I like it better this way as I can adjust it any way i want.

I just sat down with the manual a few minutes ago and Good Lord!! :lmao: I am gonna need to go back to school just to learn to operate the thing! lol I Was intending on reading it tonight but i am too darn tired to think that hard. Its gonna have to wait till tomorrow. :D All I know is this unit is soooooooooo sweeeet! It does more stuff than I imagined. It is even radar ready! Id hate to think what the radar accessory costs though!

Anyway, heres to hoping this GPS helps me keep my boat outta the stumps and safe :D
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I hear ya. I had an LMS-332C added to my boat last year. After sitting all winter I need to re-read the instructions. I was out the other day and had a heck of a time with different settings. Maybe that's why I had such a bad day fishing.

I wish the maryland reservoirs could be added. Seems no one list the maps for them. :fishing01:
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