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Giving some praise to these companies.

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And I will dis another company. ;D

As anglers, not only do we consider a product when choosing a manufacturer, but we also weigh-in customer service as well. We question just how effectively a company will suit our complaints and answer our questions. Well, this thread is giving praise and abuse to companies.

I give praise to Bass Assassin Lure Company and Ranger Boats. I requested catalogs from both of these places, and within 36 hours of requesting them, they were at my door. That is what I call customer service. I also remember when I wrote Ranger Boats concerning their decision about dropping Ike's endorsement, they wrote me back within 36 hours. I know that it was a pre-made letter, but getting an answer back so quickly stays with me.

On the other hand, I am going to dis All-Star Rod Company. I have requested a catalog over a week ago, and when it did not get here after the representative said that she had sent it, I wrote an e-mail asking where it was. So, I sent my mailing address AGAIN and I am now waiting for another catalog to come. The same type of thing happened with Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. I requested a catalog from them 2 months ago, and I have yet to receive it.

My thinking behind these things is that if a company or even an individual from those companies are willing to do the small things to please their potential customers, then that sits well with me, and I will remember it and reward the exceptional grade of customer service. On the same note, if they aren't willing to do the small things, I will certainly remember it, and I will take my business elsewhere.

So, big props to Ranger Boats and to Bass Assassin. And if you all get the chance to get information from Bass Assassin, take a look at their "Sweet Beaver" knock-off, the "Eager Beaver", and see what you think. Also, they have taken up on the line of BANG! scents that Gambler once produced. So, if you are looking for BANG!, look no further than
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I have a couple to add to your praise list.
1. Shimano : I had lost a brake collar on one of my curados and I called them up and the rep sent me about 10 of them for free.

2. Alluring Baits : The owner Brent responds promptly to emails and his shipments are fast . The packaging may not be the greatest or prettiest but the money you save and the speed of the service is GREAT.

3. GYCB : Although you had a bad experience with them John. I have had great service from them. I requested some stickers and received them and some patches. .. I also subscribe to their magazine as well.
Just adding an update to this. Well, I suppose that Shakespeare honestly does not care to give their customers what they ask for. I requested a catalog with the FULL line-up from Shakespeare, which should have included All-Star Rods, since Shakespeare bought them out.

Well, two days ago, I got a sorry excuse of a catalog, which was a tri-fold pamphlet, which only had Ugly Stik fishing rods, a couple of ugly spinning reels, and some line, I believe.

If this is what Shakespeare considers "customer service", then I will let my father know about this, and the two All-Star Rods that he has will be the last two that we ever own. I had made up my mind that I would stick with All-Star, but since Shakespeare has pulled this little number out of their pocket, I believe that I will take a better look at Castaway Rods and St. Croix Rods.

Just thought that I would let you all k now about this little episode.
I have a company to add as well:

Daiwa. I lost a small part to my SS1600 reel and Daiwa sent me the piece for free.
Yup, Daiwa is a great company. My Dad has a spinning reel that he has had for several years now, (since I got my All-Star/Shimano Curado setup), and the reel is still doing it's job. Never had a single problem out of it.

I e-mailed St. Croix Rods and Castaway Rods, and now, it's just a matter of time before I re-make my decision on which rod company I am going to choose.

As I said before, the companies that go out of their way to satisfy potential customers, new customers, and long-standing customers are the ones that stick in our minds. I hope to see more companies land in the "praised" list, instead of the "dissed" list.
I have broken both of my pinnacle spx limited edition rods. I broke the last good one i had last week. They seemed to work well while I had them but I dont intend on buying Pinnacle again. I only bought them before because I got them for 15 dollars each which was a far cry from their 100 dollar price tag.
However I am now short 2 rods... a carolina rig rod (7'+ MH baitcasting) and a soft jerkbait rod (6'6"+ ML or M spinning) I have a couple original all stars (before the company was sold) and i love them but I cant get those again so I have pretty much decided that I am going to go with St Croix. They make a VERY nice rod for the 100 dollar price range. My buddy Tim, who is tighe on here, has a mess of St Croix's and has been using them for decades and they all are very nice rods: strong, dependable and sensitive!

Castaway is a pretty new company from what I know of John. I think St Croix is by far your best bet.
Yea, I have had a few headaches with Castaway Rods, but I am willing to give them a look-see. Right now, I am in talks with St. Croix Rods, and they have a catalog on the way, so they are getting praise from me.

I have been eye-balling their rods for a while. ;) Thanks for the recommendation.

And it's true, the All-Star Rods WERE good rods, as my Dad has and still uses his two rods to this very day. After the buy-out, though, I haven't tried any of their rods, and I can honestly say that when I was at BPS and I was testing their rods there, I put them back up ASAP.

So, it's down to St. Croix and Castaway right now. St. Croix has the lead. ;D
i am in love with Pinnacle Reels,

jared, buy a Pinnacle Matrix II - you will NOT be dissapointed..

the thing about pinnacle is the high end merchandise is absolutely incredible, but the lower end you shouldnt mess around with...

anyway, i have 12 pinnacle reels, and each one performs perfectly every time i use it
I had 2 of the Pinnacle SPX3 Limited Editions which I believe were their high end. One of them was a 6'6" ML fast action spinning which I used for soft plastic jerkbaits. I loved that rod! I do still have a couple pinnacle reels. They are very smooth and cast so beautifully!

Wow heres one of the reels you mentioned mike.. and even funnier is its seller is right in my town lol
if i were you, i would buy that.. immediately lol
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