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Give a big welcome to microtec60!

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Welcome to the board and enjoy your stay. Please feel free to post your ideas and opinions. Don't forget to check out the monthly contest for tips. We are glad you are here.
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Thank you very much, I really like whats going on here a great site
Welcome to the site Microtec! Im glad you found us and decided to join up and become a Basshole  :clap:

Its great to hear that you like whats going on at the site. If ever you feel you have an idea for improvment please let us know. We at The Bassholes, would like all our members to feel they are more than just a member and that your input counts. :cheers:
Thanks so much alot of great info on this site. I am a member of another site that has become more of a chat room than a fishing site.
Welcome aboard and glad to have you.

:cheers: :victory:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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