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Giant Tubes

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If you watched or followed any of the Bassmaster tournaments this year you may have noticed that some anglers, like Ish Monroe, were using HUMUNGOUS tube baits. Well here they are for any of you interested in obtaining and trying some for yourself.

scroll all the way to the bottom.
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Still learnmng what is where on this board. Tora tubes are actually a Bobby Garland* lure that Ish used on Amistad. See Canyon Plastics. http;//
The big tubes were very hot back in the 90's out west and have lost there appeal because most fisherman do not know how the use them. Tora tubes require a big hook and a light weight about 3/8 to 1/2 ounce. The presentation, when not bed fishing, is similar to swim baits...slow and up hill. cast it out into deep water, let it sink and watch the line carefully for a pick up. After it hits bottom you start the retrieve with 3 to 4 quick reel turns, then slow down and retrieve until you feel a bump, then reel fast. Strikes occur on the fall, the first 3 feet off the bottom or anywhere between the bottom and the boat. bass over 4 lbs are the norm with big tubes. Bill Siemantel's book "In the Zone" has a chapter on tubes that is worth reading.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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