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Ghost Rider

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Gonna go see this movie this afternoon ( opening day around here for that movie )

Hopefully it will be a movie worth watching.
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It looks like it will be very cool! Let us know :)
I am going to have to respectfully disagree. I'm not sure I'll even rent it.
I enjoyed it. Even my wife and my sister enjoyed it too.

It had action and comedy. And the door is left wide open to make a sequel.

I'd watch it again !
Thanks for the info. I will have to see it now.
I don't know what it's about... I don't know what anything is about...I haven't watched TV in almost two months but I'm about to get my satelite turned back on.
I'm taking my daughter to the movies Sunday and told her she could pick anything because I have no clue about anything showing.
I hope she picks a good one!
Oooo maybe you will get lucky and she will pick Tarabithia! lol Thats a good looking movie... its for kids... but man I wanna see it LOL
She is almost 14 and doesn't watch "kid movies" much anymore...
There is no telling what she will pick.
I saw Ghost Rider and really enjoyed it. Cheesy, cornball, yes, but a great popcorn flick.

As a 30-something adult, I still go see "kids" movies whenever I can. "Flushed Away" is out today on DVD and I highly recommend it. I recently saw "Charlotte's Web" and loved it. Most times, this stuff is better than anything else out there!
Thanks b*girl! My daughter and I saw Norbit with Eddie Murphy and I can honestly say I enjoyed it because of the company I had with me. It was funny in a teenager kind of way! But I love Eddie Murphy. He just hasn't shown his potential in a long time.
I saw Ghost Rider this weekend and the only thing good about it was the special effects. The story line makes no sense to me. As a Christian it is sort of disturbing but I know who has the real power anyway. But if you like special effects then this one has some cool scenes. If you want a good story don't waste your time.
Sometime in early 2008, there is going to be a movie called "The Bassmasters" comming out as per BASS. The screenplay is done and after shopping around they got a distributer for the film and right now they are working on casting the film. I believe they said the producer and director were on board. It is supposed to be an Adam Sandler type of comedy mixed with actors and pros. No idea who will be the "star". Could this be Happy Gilmore on the water?!!??
I can find no buzz on this film. Do you have any links where it is mentioned?
As of a few days ago, it was listed on the bassmaster site at ESPN. I pulled it up and it doesn't show that article listed any more--for some reason they are paying attention to the Classic! The way the article read, it seemed like it could be a fun movie. They even showed a potential movie poster for it. It will either be a very good movie or a really bad bomb.

If you find some listed info, be sure to post it . . .
I will. It's irritating that it is no longer on the site but by gosh---I'll find it!! ;)
Found the son of a gun! The Bass Master movie info is at: It is about 2/3s of the way down on the left side.
Thanks, I'm not very skilled in this modern technology. Some how I kinda got left behind. I think they invented the "no child left behind" program several decades too late. The harder I goes, the behinder I gets :badcomp01: :dunno:
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