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Garcia tournament win :)

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Todays tournament was very tough. We had a major cold front blow through here this weekend dropping our temps some 20 degrees. That is a huge drop for us Florida boys :) Friday night it got to a low of 35 here for us. Saturday night was warmer with lows in the upper 40's. However, it rained and was very windy. Actually early on after the rain died down the wind was enjoyable maybe 10mph? This lasted for about an hour then it got bad like 20-30mph today creating white caps on Garcia. Normally this is hard to do since the lake is so shallow and full of grass.

I kept to my strategy and tossed lipless cranks all day basically drifting flats with the wind. I scratched out 5 keeper fish by the narrowest of margins. I actually boated 11 bass today but only 5 where over 14". My biggest fish today was only 1.15lbs. Needless to say I was not excited about weigh in. I kept pushing myself to get 5 fish. I wanted to at least have 5 to weigh so as not to look bad :) I learned that Saturday another tournament was held here that it took 21lbs to win with an impressive 10.5lber as the kicker. So I was figuring 16lbs today maybe 14lbs would work?

I headed to weigh in and to my surprise everyone else struggled today and out of 10 boats (small tourney) only 2 had a 5 fish limit and I was 1 of them haha. My bag of fish only weighed 7.8lbs and I will be darned but that was enough for me to win this thing. I was shocked.

What a difference one day makes. Saturday was light winds with sunny blue bird skies. Lots of big fish where caught probably due to the new moon this weekend. Sunday with heavy winds and cloudy skies today with water temps from 54 degrees to a high of 58, everyone struggled. I consider what I did as struggling on this lake as the fish I caught must have all been males. But it was enough to give me some spending cash. I am pumped. That is 2 wins in the past 3 weeks out there yeaa haaw!!!
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You will always look back and say "Dang! What a good day" even with the tough conditions...
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