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Originally I was going to go to the Stick Marsh and even drove that direction. On the way however, I changed my mind due to the wind blowing or at least I thought blowing a little hard for the Stick Marsh. Anyway, I got to Garcia late (Bite was suppossed to be better late then early) and started fishing by 12:30pm. I went to the same flats as last weekend but vastly different results.

I did catch 7 bass but they where not as big and not as aggressive. Of course the weather was mostly sunny with scattered clouds here and there and light winds. These flats are not as productive IMHO during these conditions. I did see allot of beds but either I spooked the bass off of them before I could see or they where not on them.

I did fish in the canal going north/south on the east side of the lake and I saw allot of beds there along the reeds. On those I noticed several small males guarding their nest. So some fish have spawned already on Garcia and the males are guarding the nests and some have yet to even sweep a bed. I imagine the cooler weather will push some fish back out a little again. I like it as it delays the spawn a little.

Water temps in the flats was 76 degrees.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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